Exploring Tech

Episode 20 - YouTube News With a Dash of Apple

This week, YouTube is planning a new ad-free subscription plan, and we take a look at some of their recent policy changes.

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Exploring Tech

Episode 19 - Netflix, Eminem and Drones

This week, we talk about DJI's new drone, more on free music, and omg Netflix confirmed!

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Exploring Tech

Episode 18 - Taylor Swift and Microsoft

We're back! And this week, Taylor Swift dumps spotify, and Microsoft office open-sources .NET, gearing up for cross-platform development.

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Games I Can't Play

Episode 14 - Amnesia - The Dark Descent

This week, Dominic once again tackles Amnesia, the Dark Descent. Not only can he not play it, he's also terrified whilst trying.

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Three Minutes With Norrish

Episode 21 - A Semi-Occasional Thing


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