Games I Can't Play

Episode 18 - Kicked from Counter Strike!

Am I really that bad?

This week, I have a go at Counter Strike, and in addition to being terrible, I must've pissed off a couple of people :(

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Games I Can't Play

Episode 17 - Borderlands 2

So, I tried to play Borderlands 2, but I was only getting 12 FPS. I might have to retry this one - I don't think I was given a fair chance.

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Episode 2 - How to Delete Your Twoo Account

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email and found that a social media account I'd signed up for years ago had become a dating profile.

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Games I Can't Play

Episode 16 - Portal

Of all the games in this new season, this is perhaps the one that I was most looking forward to playing.

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Episode 1 - Art vs Entertainment

Alex, Tim and Dominic discuss the merits of art and entertainment, how they compare, and whether they're mutually exclusive.

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